Treasurer's Office

Teller County Courthouse and downtown Cripple Creek 1941

The Treasurer's Office is responsible for the collection and distribution of property tax.

The process of acquiring property through the Treasurer's Deed process is being considered by the Colorado Legislature due to a recent Supreme Court decision.  For this reason, the Teller County Treasurer's Office will accept an application for Treasurer's Deed, however, will take the precaution of holding in abeyance the actual issuance of the deed until the legislature or the Colorado courts address the issue. 
Notwithstanding this position, the following process is currently indicated in Colorado Law:

 (The redemption period is three years from the year of the original tax sale. Certificates sold in 2022 for the 2021 property taxes are eligible for application of a Treasurer's Deed in 2025. It is not required that three consecutive years of taxes be due, it is only required that the original lien remain unpaid three years after the date it was purchased at tax sale. There is a $400 deposit required to start the Treasurer's Deed process, which is handled through the Treasurer's Office.)

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