How do I protest the Assessor’s valuation of my property?

You may protest your value only from the 1st business day in May to the 1st business day in June (typically May 1 to June 8).
Do Not miss the deadline or you will not be able to protest after June 8.

For the 2023 appeal period, your value is the Assessor's Office estimate of the value of the property as of June 30, 2022. This date is set by Colorado law. The Assessor can only consider sales and other market information from prior to June 30, 2022.

You have three options for protesting:

  1. Complete the protest form on the back of your Notice of Value (NOV). Please be sure to complete the information and sign the form or your protest cannot be logged.
  2.  Log on to the Online Protest Form. You will need the PIN number found on the mailed Notice of Value (NOV), in the upper right hand corner under the Assessor's website address. This form is only available during May 1 to June 8.
  3. You may call our office at 719-689-2941 and make an appointment to meet with an Assessor's Office staff member and protest in person. If you cannot locate your Notice of Value (NOV), please contact our office and we email you a copy.

Note: If you are protesting in an even-numbered year, your right to appeal expires June 1 of that even-numbered year.

Suggestions for Protesting your Valuation or Classification

To assist you in protesting your value, please do the following:

  • Review all of the characteristics shown for your property online. Make the Assessor's office aware of any characteristics that are not correct as this will affect your estimated value.
  • Review the comparable sales data used to value your property.

Show facts, such as:

  • Assessor failed to properly consider a factor relevant to valuation
  • Assessor failed to take into account relevant differences in the physical characteristics of comparable properties

Note: Your value is based on Market sales - not based on your neighbor's value. You will need to use comparable market sales to value your home.

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